domestic woes

My room is dirty–no, it’s filthy. I peeked through the screened window last week and saw cobwebs, dust, and all other obvious signs of neglect. I peeked again this morning. Alas! They’re still there! My floor is grainy, I’m starting to hate walking barefoot. Sigh, I have very poor domestic survival/management skills. When I open my closet, it’s chaos there! My clothes, although all clean, appear like they need to go to the laundry again. Why can’t they simply fold and arrange themselves?! But there is a ray of hope: my bedsheet is newly replaced 🙂 *Pat on the back* But only because I have started to scratch myself in the darkness because of all the unseen minute particles that have clung to the previous blue sheets. Tsk, tsk…. And this is how I cope: Instead of cleaning my room and meeting the problem head-on, for some reason, I find it more therapeutic and helpful to write about it! I am hopeless. I need a wife…


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