hermit moments

All my housemates are in the next room watching a VCD. I’m really getting good at being a hermit. There’s ice cream–ube macapuno–to go with the movie-watching. But not even ice cream could make me abandon my solitude. Had it been a different flavor, chocolate perhaps, i would have succumbed 🙂 Maybe, maybe not.

On the way home, i took a sidetrip to Ayala. I just wanted to roam. Alone. As always. Starving, i decided to have dessert first before dinner. Silvanas and sambos, with ice tea. Yummy, but crumby. I didn’t roam for too long after my premature dessert. Thought about watching a movie, but the idea of sitting in a dark room for two hours didn’t quite excite me. So i trudged towards the MRT station and joined the mass of Makati-based humanity in a rush to go home or elsewhere.

Cellphone radio on. Mellow Touch, taking you where your heart is. Nice songs. “Fixing a Broken Heart”. “Unbreak my Heart”. Oldies but goodies. I lip-synced. The cellphone in my right pocket buzzed. I laboriously took out the gadget, being careful not to nudge anyone squeezed around me in the train. Then i thought, “Shucks, I have become a slave to the cellphone (among other things). Can’t even delay checking my message.”

The message was from my father. He texted to say thanks for the jacket i bought him. Told him it was worn by MacArthur during his funeral! Haha. The jacket was a great pick at the infamous Baguio ukay. For the first time after a long while, i didn’t get irritated by a message from him. I actually smiled and replied immediately, which was nothing short of a miracle. He must have noticed the miracle, too, because he tried to keep the light banter between father and son going a bit longer. The text conversation ended with him reminding me of an errand–something about a vacuum cleaner. I didn’t text back. Back to normal again…

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