The signs are everywhere. Unmistakable. Propped up like giant billboards along the highway of my life. The quiet time the other night: Step in faith into the turbulent waters, like Peter. The book on my office table: Stop sitting on the fences…dance! All these compounded by the nagging restlessness and discontentment I’m feeling.

Physics’s law of intertia holds that an object at rest will remain at rest unless a force is applied to it. I have been “at rest” far too long– comfortable with my state of inertia, the uneventfulness, the safety. I sense God’s strong yet loving hand upon this immobile subject. He is prodding me, constantly fueling the discontent so I would finally spring into life.

Father, more than ever, I sense it. You want me to soar. Your call echoes within me, beckoning me to an adventure. To where? I don’t know. Maybe that’s why I still fear. But what good is an adventure if everything is certain?

The force is building up. Things are taking on new shape. I am anxious, yet hopeful.

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