I’m sure it has happened to you. You know, you’re just doing something mundane and then, out of nowhere, a profound realization hits you. This “Boink” moment is so fleeting that if you don’t deliberately log it onto your cerebral hard drive, grab pen and paper, or tap madly on your computer keyboard, you risk losing it forever.

I had a Boink moment recently. The mundane activity: walking out of the rest room of my apartment. (I will spare you the details of the mundane activity prior to this… hehe.) Then it hit me. Perhaps one of the most important lessons i will ever have to learn in this crazy decade of my 20s is the Power of Choice. Where did that come from?!? What i did in the rest room must have freed enough space in my system to be able to invite such a cryptic musing! (Okay, i promised to spare you the details… hehe)

Let me retrace my steps. Boink moments do not just happen. Although it might seem that they do the instance they hit you hard, Boink moments are actually borne of little–shall we say, boinklet moments (i like that). These Boinklet moments build up until they form a Boink big enough to stop you on your tracks as you exit the rest room.

For this particular Boink episode, my Boinklets would be: Three books, street lights, and… *searching memory…* … yes, a birthday.

Three books. Seize the Divine Moment, Twentysomething, and Black. Strangely enough, i did not finish any of these books; two of them are still by my bedside aching for attention from this sporadic reader.

**To be continued**

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