tim da nephew

THIS IS TIM, the youngest of my pamangkins. He is four (or five? Hmm… this no-good uncle is uncertain). This picture of Tim was taken on Christmas day, minutes before he and his siblings–Ate Sheki (6) and Kuya Pol (11)– would open their Christmas presents. Tim’s eyes are sad because it has been merely minutes since his appeal–made to the all-wise Daddy and Mama–to open the gifts earlier was rejected outright. And so he waits, little hands itching to rip through wrapping paper and cardboard. Meantime, a momentary glance to the right to strike a pose for Tito (Tim loves the camera), but otherwise glued to Cartoon Network–the global pacifier of kids disappointed by life and its delays.

P.S. My Ma says Tim looks a lot like me when i was his age. Why not.

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