I was embarrassingly out of my mind today. Plain crazy. After six at the office, i just lost it. And there was an eyewitness to my madness. ( I can still hear her piercing laughter… “Hahaha… Hihihihi… Heehe…” Hey, from the sound of it, she could be crazy, too.) I’m too tired to plot her murder tonight so i guess i’ll let her live. For now. Or until my next crazy feat.

So, just how crazy was i? I sang Groban songs at the top of my lungs. Broken Vow and She’s Out of My Life. The high notes didn’t scare me one bit. Hah! Who cares about flats?! I pressed on with the courage of a gladiator. I’ll letchu goooooooo… I’ll letchu flaay… (choke)

I spoke gibberish in my best contrived American accent. Funny-sounding. And crazy. I banged my fist against the white board. Nothing really violent and melodramatic. Just crazy.

I “prayed” outloud. “Loooord! Give me a girlfriend! It’s so unfair, *toot* has one! Aaaagh!” (Eyewitness enjoyed this bit and giggled no end.) And then I remembered my interview for a US Visa in two weeks. “Looooord! I heard *toot*–(this one’s not the same *toot* as the first)– just got a Visa. Waaaaah! I would really feel bad if i didn’t!” As if God owed me anything. Tsk, bad theology. I know. But i was crazy, right?

The cure to my sudden lapse into loonyville was gastronomic indulgence. A hot plate of sisig (crunchy!), a bowl of steamed rice (would have wanted more), and bottomless iced tea (too sweet, but ok) at Lamesa ni Grasya. After the hearty meal with Eyewitness, I thought of capping my self-prescribed “treatment” with a movie, but decided against it. Instead, i opted for Snickers, extra-big bar. One for me. One for Eyewitness, partly to buy her silence about this crazy episode of mine. Hehehe…

Now, hours later, I’m home tapping away on my computer. Not crazy anymore, and trying to figure out when the screws started to get loose. What could have triggered this craziness? Could it have been the Pepsi Twist and Pringles that i gobbled right after lunch? Nah. Maybe frustration with the long-overdue newsletter i was editing? Could be.

Eyewitness theorized that it’s stress-related. I have to agree. But, i have to confess: I enjoyed being crazy and irrational, at least for that bit of time. I’m pretty sure Eyewitness found it amusing too. Sheer entertainment for her at no cost. Hehe… Now i’ll just have to make sure I’m around when it’s her turn to go loony. Judging from the stacks of paper on her desk, i have a hunch it won’t be far ahead.



  1. apparently one chocolate bar is not enough, as we just had a good laugh over some officemate of hers who started acting really weird this evening (“Hahaha… Hihihihi… Heehe…”) 😉


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