the "a" word

Stayed home today. Miserable. When arthritis waves its whimsical wand of pain, my world stands still. Slept for most part of the day to take my mind off the pain. It’s a tricky thing managing arthritic pain: you have to move the rebellious joint just enough to not let it get the upper hand, but not too much or it might swell. And you definitely don’t want swelling.

I had to reschedule a lunch meeting for the nth time. Good thing there is the trusty landline that allowed me to at least settle a major issue that was supposed to be discussed in the meeting. With that out of the way, i just needed to find something to amuse me. I found my amusement in an e-book stored in my trusty PDA: Grisham’s The Last Juror. (Thanks to Bespren for supplying me with all the techie stuff i “need.” Hehe…)

Being the master storyteller that he is, Grisham had me scrolling down faster and faster. I noticed his short, crisp sentences; the way he presents information just at the right time, and with just enough details; and who could miss his delightful peppering of saracastic humor that elicits a loud “Haha.” I’ve always wondered if i could write fiction. It looks like it demands too much research work, a keen understanding of human behavior, and the gut feel of a storyteller. Oh well, i’ll stick with essays for now. Hehe. One step at a time, my dear impatient writer.

The pain has now finally relented. It usually does later in the day, after rest and pain killers. I think of all the work that has piled up on my desk at the office. Breathe. Looks like Saturday is work day for me. But for now, Nicole Kidman awaits. Tonight’s DVD feature: The Stepford Wives.

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