high school buddies

Friends from High School. Christmas 2004. Davao City.

“Friends never part; they’re glued at the heart.”

(-J.A. Wing, third from right)

I know, I know—we look like the cast of a chinovela! Hehe. This pic was taken after we watched Mano Po 3 (how redundant!). Had fun bashing the actors’ fake accents—which were much, much worse than mine! Interesting how watching the movie with classmates brought back memories of sweaty, traumatic days sitting in Chinese class and praying—with all the faith I could muster— for the bell to ring, before Tan An Bin (me!) would be called to recite. Whew.
Has it really been a decade since high shool senior year? It’s amazing how the girls have blossomed into (more) beautfiul ladies (one of them is getting married this March). The guys, well, we’ve grown heavier, especially around the mid-section (ok, Joseph, except you; but you’re not a classmate. Hehe).

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