addiction check

You know you’re a blog addict when:

1. Your home page is your blog site.
2. You’ve dropped crossword puzzle in favor of a new mind game: Guessing the identities of your blog visitors based on the limited info from your stats provider.
3. You automatically screen every event of your day based on its potential as blog material.
4. You start wanting to learn HTML so you can tweak your blogsite or, better yet, design your own site so you can finally break free from the bland template of your blog service provider.
5. You take digital pictures and hope to post them on your blog.
6. You keep on refreshing your blogsite to increase the hits (cheat!).
7. While queuing, you decide to kill time by making mental notes of what you can blog about the people around you (okay, this is just me.)
8. You blog-hop and check out the features and content of other blogsites.
9. Your heart skips a beat when you see that someone has left a comment or a tag even if it’s just “Hi, just dropping by.”
10. You advertise your blogsite on your Friendster account. (This is tamer than mass-mailing all your contacts to tell them about your blog.)
11. You feel you have done disservice to your regular blog visitors if you fail to post new material for two days straight.
12. You try to make a list of the symptoms of blog addiction for lack of material to blog or for the absence (hopefully temporary) of inspiration to blog about your very interesting weekend.


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