a coffee weekend

My preferred caffeine fix has always been Coke. Back in college, I could down 2 liters of Coke on the eve of Chemistry finals. Iced tea is a close second. When eating out, I usually order bottomless iced tea and pester the waiter for refill upon refill until my bladder sends me scurrying to the the men’s room. Coffee is relegated to third place. I resort to it when i need to immediately jolt myself to wakefulness or when I’m feeling especially melancholic.

But I am sensing a disruption in that order of late. I find that I am gradually succumbing to the allure of coffee-drinking. Thanks to the Starbucks phenomenon, coffee–especially the frap variety– is slowly climbing up my caffeine-source priority list, if only for the pensive and reflective mood it sets. And the great conversation and connection that it helps birth.

* * *

Here’s my “recipe” for a great coffee weekend.

Friday Night. Seattle’s Best. On a Friday night, join a group of six overworked (but happy) twentysomething singles, four gals and two guys. Have them huddle in a corner of a coffee shop, each one sipping his or her choice of coffee concoction. Everyone tries out everyone else’s drink. Then field a question like, “What for you is a non-negotiable trait, not necessarily the only one trait, that a prospective significant other should have?”

Remember their answers and transcribe them in your blog. (Now, i hear caffeine overload dulls memory, so my apologies if i misquote some.)

Gal1: “Dapat kaya ko s’yang i-respect.” (Ano yun, magmamano at mag-popo ka sa boypren mo?)
Gal2: “Wala akong ma-isip, pramis.” (May naisip din s’ya di kalaunan, pero di ko na maalala. Kape kasi.)
Gal3: “Dapat nagbabasa s’ya.” (ABNKKBSNPLPPNiya. Ba-wal Tu-ma-wid Di-to Na-ka-ka-ma-tay.)
Gal4: “He should have a passion for God.” (Amen! No further comments, your honor πŸ™‚
Guy1:Yung na-chachallenge ako…. Dapat di ko alam kung may gusto s’ya o hindi.” (Tama ba ‘to? Bumubulong ka kasi, bro, ‘di ko na-gets masyado. Tigil mo na kasi yang drugs, masama yan.)
Guy2: “I want to see how she treats others. She should be kind.” (Kind as in, “I’m really really really really really sorry… I don’t like you.”)

Resist the tempation to include their real names for the world to read. Remember, God is teaching you these days to be a better friend, and that involves keeping confidences. Besides, it’s not as fun to be having coffee by your lonesome next time.

Saturday Night. Starbucks. Attend a friend’s book launching. While exiting, run into a good friend who shares a good news you can definitely relate to. Invite her to dinner and coffee afterwards, so you can catch up on each other’s lives. Try to be adventurous this time with your choice of coffee. Order anything but mocca frap. How about mango blended? Sure, why not. Sip, sip. Eeeew. WHY THIS?? You regret your adventurous streak. Be brave. Finish your mango-flavored coffee like a man. Good news: you’re up for really good conversation with this friend. Her company will be like “a spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine (i.e. your yucky drink) go down… the medicine go down… the medicine go down….” (It’s a silly Disney song. Or was it Julie Andrews?) Before you know it, you’re hearing the last slurps of your drink–bravo!– and a good two hours has ticked by. Time to head home. You don’t recall most details of the conversation, but you most certainly remember the warmth of friendly interaction. Make a mental note: Pray for your friend’s US Visa interview.

Sunday Afternoon. The Coffee Beanery. The meeting with this friend is long overdue. When you’re out with this guy, you have to be prepared to try something new, even if it’s just for coffee. Trust him when he recommends the tall glass of frosted java with a stick of Kitkat half-buried in whipped cream. Ahh, this one looks good. And tastes even better. Try not to scratch your head as friend begins to discuss the benefits of using natural shampoo. Be honest. Don’t promise you’ll try olive oil, coconut oil, and egg white on your head. Silently resolve to stick to your detergent-based commercial anti-dandruff shampoo because you know you are too lazy for anything organic. To each his own mane maintenance. Sip your heavenly coffee–the bottom part is sweeter. Alternate coffee with iced water. Now the best part. Listen to your friend’s stories of grace and silently praise God for how He is working in this person’s life. Nod when he asks if you notice a difference in his demeanor and outlook. Nod–and smile–because you do notice it. Realize that you do enjoy the company as much as you enjoy the coffee.

* * *

I’m making it official. I love coffee! My caffeine source priority chart is now messed up. Coke is still up there. But it’s now a toss up between iced tea and coffee for second place. If only they can do something about the price of gourmet coffee. Three-in-one just doesn’t have the same effects.


  1. Coffee – lifts the spirits, sharpens the mind, gives spring to your feet, infuses new passion, warms the heart, keeps you alert, awakens all your faculties, enriches friendships and create new ones, fills empty spaces and awkward pauses and silences, adds spice to life…

    “if i were i woman and i want a husband, i’d wear coffee as perfume” someone said this, but i forgot who


  2. Ahh… spoken like a true coffee aficionado :p i am yet to discover the many charms of coffee. Teach me your ways, coffee jedi!


  3. Gal4 said:

    ako lang ata di mo hiniritan dun a…hwehehe..thankies for that!:D

    about this coffee thing, i used to evade it because many people are into it. but as you have discovered of late, addicting ang kape. and yes, the talk that usually goes with it πŸ™‚


  4. haha! mejo antok na ako nung sinusulat ko. couldn’t remember the your more quotable quirps. nektaym magkape magnonotes na ako! πŸ™‚


  5. punta ka na dito sa NYC! maraming starbucks dito! every corner meron. tapos, may dunkin donuts pa, at, kung ayaw mo ng mamahalin masyado, there always are delis and breakfast carts on the corners!


  6. gelo! excited na ko, bai! πŸ™‚ will email you details as soon as i can. thanks for dropping by to read and post πŸ™‚


  7. welcome to the club of coffee lovers. you are a candidate for hyperacidity with all the caffeine you can push in your system. hehehe…


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