this is about you

How do you write honestly and fondly about someone you’re sure is regularly reading your blog? Well, you don’t. Especially if what you want to write is the kind that would certainly elicit a blush from the subject or betray a delicate emotion you suspect you are harboring.

On second thought, maybe you could try. Go ahead, employ some creativity! What if you veiled her identity in cloaks of vague descriptions and general situations? Nah, that would be boring in its non-specificity. Or maybe you could create a fictitious character; dab it with some attributes similar to your target subject’s, just enough to give the character authenticity, but not too much to be telltale; and then construct make-believe situations where you both interact—of course, such situations should have close real-life parallels.


And you thought you could blog anonymously! Hehe… Oh well, there’s always the trusty hush-hush journal in your cabinet. Then again, maybe for now you don’t really want to write about her yet. What you really want to do is simply think about her: hear her laughter reverberate, stare unabashed into her clear eyes, replay her flailing gestures in slow motion—all this in your head, while you wear a silly smile. Yes, it’s too soon to write about her—as if this isn’t about her!

It’s not. This is about you.


  1. liz baka ikaw! ehehehe, joke.

    sorry im feeling naughty today.
    i sprained my ankle, i can’t walk!
    kaya here am i, in front of the PC, can’t do much today so I have all the time to post comments in my friends’ blogs. bwehehehe >:)


  2. If you could bungeejump from a cliff,
    swim with sharks,
    would you?
    But then again, you don’t have to.
    Your writing about her is already an act of courage. I hope someday she’ll know for sure it’s about her.:-) Nice.


  3. Inriga ka nechie ha! Haha! Sprained na naman ankle mo? :/

    Mushy nga, polaris, e. hehe… temporary mushy attack. 🙂

    writing is much much more easier than bungee-jumping or swimming with sharks, beng! hehe…

    people, you’re reading too much into this! hehe…


  4. now come to think of it… i would, if i could, bungee jump or swim with sharks (as long as they dont bite!). sounds exciting! hehehe… now you know why i always sprain my ankle. =/

    But i am not sure if I could ever write on a public journal what Aleks wrote. Congrats, bro! This is indeed an act of courage.

    Next step nyan, you’ll put her name on the entry na. hahaha! sorry, im still feeling naughty today. =P


  5. huuuuuuuuuy, kinsa man ni sha oi? na-curious jud mi ni memoy, as in
    share naman oh………… grabe ka ha….anybody we know?


  6. sana ako ito, wahihihihihihi!
    look, i’m flailing my arms! hear my laughter reverberate across the seas! bwahahhahahahah! ako itoooooooooooooh!


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