fifteen minutes

I finally got my turn to use the computer here at the conference venue. I am forever nagging at myself for not brining my laptop. It does not help that on the lampstand in my hotel room is a cable with the label “Complimentary High-Speed Internet Access.” Aaagh.

How do i blog in less than fifteen minutes the amazing experiences that I am having here? Let me just give you random snippets that I scribbled on my handheld.

While traveling…

  • I didn’t get an exit-row seat. Not even an aisle seat. (Okay, i realized i was complaining–bad!–so i stopped scribbling).
  • Saw my first snow at Narita Airport in Tokyo
  • Minneapolis Airport. So many foreigners! “Missionaries” everywhere! Er… I am the foreigner. Why does it seem like everyone is looking at me funny? Oh. The digicam hanging down my neck could very well be a tattoo on my forehead that reads “TOURIST!” The US is supposed to be a melting pot of multiple races, but right now I feel like the lone piece of dried mango in a box of chocolates!
  • Surprise, surprise! People are actually courteous!
  • Sighted while on the 10-hour lay-over: A cute tot visibly happy with her multicolored ice cream. Her Mama, who could be Filipina, wipes the little girl’s ice cream-stained hand. No impatience in her wiping–just caring and mothering, No wonder her daughter is enjoying her ice cream without guild and even blesses me with a smile 🙂
  • International roaming has been activated! Labyu, GLOBE!

Time is up. Until the next fifteen minutes!

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