snow pic

Not a very good shot, I know. Took the pic myself using the cam’s timer. (Thanks, Besp!) It can be frustrating to find out that your picture-taking abilities are so meager that the grandeur of a sight is diminished the moment you click. On all counts, this scene was a hundredfold more beautiful than my camera skills would allow me to capture.

But, hey, I shouldn’t be ranting 🙂 This pic is a milestone for tropical me. First time in the snow. Yebah! The snowfall that day was unexpected according to the locals. Great treat for those of us who come from countries that don’t have snow. Interestingly enough, in just a few hours, the weather drastically changed. The sun shone and melted all trace of snow.


  1. Hey there, aleks. ate yna here. beng and i are still here in the office and she showed me how to log in your blog. got to read your recent entry. i guess i need a lot of reading up to do. i’ve been hearing persistent rumors that your blog is a wonderful read indeed. so, i’ll log on again when i get home.


  2. Hi Aleks, just dropping by to say hello. See, I’ve finally convinced Ate Yna to read your blog(though it wasn’t so hard to convince her, really).
    Looks like you’re enjoying your trip. Can’t wait to hear your kuwentos. 🙂


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