through my window

I have found my favorite spot in my room here at Radisson Inn in Colorado Springs. It’s on a chair facing the glass window–with the curtains pulled, of course. The heater is conveniently by my side which helps me and my mug of coffee keep warm. The immediate view through my window isn’t breathtaking, just the side of an impersonal building–boringly angular and pale-colored. But if I turn my gaze to the extreme right, i get a glimpse of the majestic rocky mountains with the light Colorado Springs traffic on the foreground. I take time each day to sit in this spot to pray, think, read, or just relax.

Some mornings the view gets a bit more interesting. Last Monday morning, for example, a gray-furred bunny–mistaken by my Pinoy roommate as a rat (“Uy, ano ‘yan, daga?!”)–playfully hopped by, pausing every now and then to examine something on the asphalt driveway. Later that morning, we saw several more bunnies at the parking lot. For some reason, they reminded me that Easter’s just around the corner.

This morning, the scene through my window is that of snow gently falling–the best view through this window so far. My roommate rushed through his morning rituals so he could go out and take a picture in the snow before the weather changes. (They say Colorado weather changes every five minutes.) He subtly hinted on needing a photographer to take a picture of him in the snow–in all his winter garb, of course– but I was too lazy to be of service to his photographic needs. I was kidding him that his shutterbug tendencies are beginning to border on addiciton. I’m the opposite; I need to constantly remind myself to take pictures!

I’m finding out that it takes some work to be a good tourist. As much as i enjoy peeking through my hotel window, nothing really beats going out there and experiencing things first hand. Maybe I’ll try chasing a bunny one time.

P.S. I did attempt the bunny chase while snow was falling, but soon realized it’s a sport best conducted NOT in bittercold weather. The little creature is at an advantage; it has fur, among other things. Okay, I’m sourgraping.

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