next stop

The backpack is getting loaded again. This time it’s going to Banaue and Sagada for our company’s annual retreat. A few days ago, I stopped myself in midsentence when I realized that I was about to complain about having to go through the hassles of traveling again. Boink. This is something I shouldn’t complain about!

And so I won’t. Although the closet is still a mess and the laundry is still half-done, I will gladly fill the backpack and anticipate an awesome time admiring the beauty of God’s creation up north and bonding with co-workers. The bus trip will be long (over 10 hours, I hear) that’s why I’m loading the iPod with favorite tunes. I still need to buy a pair of sandals for the trek and maybe another pair of hiking shorts. My cheap dark glasses broke the other day, so I need to buy another (cheap) pair.

I signed up for the more difficult trek: to Batad. This is quite a stretch for me and my arthritic limbs. But since they miraculously did not give me much trouble in the face of the cruel winter cold, I’m having faith that they will cooperate with me as I traverse Mt. Province terrain. But, as a precaution, I am starting to get chummy with the burly guys at Sales just in case my knees throw a tantrum and I need to be carried. Heaven forbid!


  1. hello my pren! at may blog ka pala di ka man lang nang-iimbita! pero di ka na makapagtatago pa! natutunton din kita! you’re going to banaue and sagada??? those are two of my favorite places!!! enjoy every bit of it. want to thank you for coming to my book launch. madrama mang pakinggan but it really means a lot to me. thanks. sha magtatrabaho na ko…see yah in davao!


  2. It was my pleasure being at your launch, Grace 🙂 I’m happy that God is using you and your pen to draw others to Himself. Salamat sa pagdaan sa blog! Di ko talaga binroadcast ang blog ko. Low profile lang ba. Hehe. Just finished packing for my Northern escapade!

    Nalani, ang sagot sa tanong mo ay Zeekret. Hehe.


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