curious non-poet

snaps. elusive verses
little strings of words

winding sentences
coiled loops of words

why say in snaps
what you can convey in claps

i clap because
my snaps are insecure

but who says
one shouldn’t try

snap… snap… snap…


  1. yes, pas. and it is a beauty that oftentimes eludes me. oh to be a verse-writer!

    thanks, alan! might attempt more “snaps” in the future 😛


  2. sinong umaaway sayo you kuya??

    PS. i stared at your picture with joshua harris again and observed something.

    sabi na eh.. phinotoshop mo lang yung pic nayun. sana man lang inakbayan mo si manong joshua para mas realistic. hehe. peace. nanggugulo lang.


  3. halata bang phinotoshop?? siya umakbay riz e. hehe. masyado nang chummy kung dalawa kaming nag-akbayan. hehe.


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