mush-ic and screaming instructions

Mush. Mush. Mush. Relaxing to the acoustic strains of MYMP (Thanks, Bijoi.) Ahhh… Coooool voice (the girl’s; the guy’s is ho-hum). Like rain on a hot summer day. No Ordinary Love. Constantly. Say You Love Me. Valentine’s in summer. Ahihihi.


Went to the BoyzIIMen concert last Friday night. It was one of those “Huwat?? It’s samkindovafreeeeee??” surprises from a friend (won’t tell who, hehehe). My chinky eyes bulged at the sight of the price marked on the ticket: P5000! Whoopee. (Okay, scalping did pass my mind for a microsecond.)

I’m not a big fan of the group to start with. I know two or three of their songs. But watching them live, you just got to love the groove of those guys! The harmony is ooooh-some!

Sometimes I think concerts are just an excuse to scream. No, not the “Taxi! Taxi! Taxi” kind of scream. More like, “Saklolooooh! Sunooooog!” Yep, that kind. Screaming that burns your throat, dilates the blood vessels in your neck, and bloats your lungs, but sans the unfortunate incident of fire or crime. The concert’s dim lights and the booming sound system coax people out of their vocal inhibitions. No one really cares if you SCREEEAAAAAM! Yes, even if you don’t follow instructions. For example:

BoyzIIMen to crowd: “Say ‘Ooooh, yeah’ “
Teen gals behind me: “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!”
BoyzIIMen: “Ooh, ooh, ooh yeah!”
Teen gals: “AAAAAAAAHHHH!”

Fine! Simple follow, cannot instruction. But then again, who cares! 😉


  1. huwaaaat?!?! you have a copy of Constantly MYMP version?! i absolutely love that song!!! and i absolutely love that band!!! pahingi naman copy kyaleks, kahit yung song lang na yun. puhhlizzz?!? *pa-cute eyes ala puss in boots* sobrang miss ko na OPM 😥


  2. sounds pamili, bijoi! hehe

    liz, was trying to email u the song but failed. Twice 😦 any suggestions?


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