mane thing 2

Two votes were all it took from XX-chromosomed friends for me to once again submit my mane to shearing. Two separate occasions, one question: Masagwa na ba buhok ko? The same curt answer from the two: Oo. With nary a second’s hesitation.

I was mildly disappointed. I expected some cute, friendly answer like, “Ok pa naman… just dry it and comb it well,” or “Cool nga e! Long live the non-conformists!”

Fine, I could see that my hair’s starting to look unsightly, especially the rebellious flips at the nape. And, yes, it’s almost three months since my last snip. But… do I really need a haircut??

Sigh. Okay. Be a man and walk straight into that salon named after the biblical boy who slayed a pagan giant. The blond male hairdresser asked the standard “What do you want?” But instead of the usual “Trim lang” that I habitually blurt out under such an occasion, I opted for “‘Kaw na bahala, basta iklian mo.” Then I bowed and lost myself in the pages of Chaim Potok’s The Chosen, only occasionally glancing up and checking my reflection in the mirror, and brushing aside strands of hair that fell on my book.

Blond hairdresser methodically snipped, combed, and slid his fingers through my hair. After he was done (and, yes, after someone blowdried my hair–not a very manly scene, no doubt), I saw my reflection in the mirror, my left eyebrow raised in disbelief. I couldn’t quite decide then which I regretted more: giving the hairdresser free rein on my mane, or getting too engrossed with my book that I wasn’t able to look up in time to protest the carnage. Both, i guess.

But there’s no use crying over spilled milk–or, more appropriately, whining about ill-snipped hair. This isn’t the first time I have been unhappy about a haircut. Besides, I don’t generally enjoy getting haircuts. My sole consolation is the wonderful fact of nature that hair grows (at an average rate of one-hundredth of an inch per day). Meantime, the alphabet holds no better letters for me than these three: G-E-L.

P.S. I tried W-A-X. Didn’t work. I’m contemplating a reparative haircut.


  1. Just curious: Do guys ever cut their hair only because they’re depressed? You know, the way
    we girls sometimes (or should it be oftentimes?) do?


  2. I don’t think so. At least not for this guy. A haircut is not therapeutic for me. Hehe. The best blues buster for me is sleep 😉


  3. tagos sa buto tawa mo, anelski! bastosh! hehe.

    bawal kunana ang binalahurang buhok, polaris. hehe.


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