blogger’s envy

Envy has frozen these tapping fingers. I didn’t tap dance in the past few days because of a really, really good blog I had visited, per a friend’s emailed recommendation. As the page was loading, my left eyebrow was already raised in skepticism. Hmmm… Let’s see what this dude’s got.

My eyes passed–no, glided–through skillfully woven words. Without warning my face softened and before I knew it a smile had etched itself in place of the smug frown. Delighted by beautiful and seemingly effortless prose, my arrogant curiosity was easily replaced by sheer admiration. But Envy and it’s equally evil twin, Self-Doubt, just had to take centerstage all too soon.

I don’t deserve to publish a blog! Woe to me! Why did I even think I could write? The insecurity was bordering on being pathetic…

But look at me now, I’m tap dancing again. So I guess I have snapped back to reality (and its humbling truths). I think I can live with the fact that I’m not as good a writer as that jedi blogger, or a host of other writers, for that matter. Hehe. I have mustered enough maturity to enjoy his writing and learn a thing or two… or three from his generous sharing of writing tips and insights. Now that I think of it, my envy seemed a bit ridiculous, not to mention embarrassingly arrogant. (The blogger, as I soon learned, is a prolific writer, well-respected in the Philippine blogging scene, to say the least.)

Curious? Check it out. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Hehe. Enjoy! 🙂

Thanks to Sharon F. for referring me to the blog. Interestingly, Sharon doesn’t even have a blog and I feel a little frustrated that my convincing powers haven’t worked their magic with her yet. But I’m a patient man. *wink at Sharon*


  1. Aleks, you’ll have to get used to being frustrated or give up the ambition of getting me to blog because it’s not going to happen, I assure you.

    s (=


  2. Such certainty is admirable, but not to be taken as gospel truth. Hehe… I can still handle the frustration. Won’t stop bugging you to blog… BLOG!… BLOG! I have a very strong suspicion your blog–when it materializes–will be very engaging. Now if we could only find a way to temper the linguistic perfectionist in you, just enough to let the hesitant writer/blogger within have her day. And I’m sure she will immensely enjoy it.


  3. manong, kung siya ay jedi master, at ikaw ay walang karapatang mag-publish ng blog.. pano naman ang mga nilalang na tulad namen?? sampid sa blogworld?? hehe.

    take that as a complmnt. ;P pramis.

    ps. manong, asan na grading sheet ko??!! 😉


  4. hi riz 🙂 grading sheet? anuyon? Hehe… magpamisa ka muna 😉 seriously, will give it to ivy within the week.


  5. oy aleks! my gosh, tiningnan ko rin yung blog na sinasabi mo… oo nga, magaling na kung magaling, pero na-bored kaagad ako, he he. sAbi nga namin ni gelo, masyado syang “deep” para sa min, he he. I still think your blogging prowess is WONDERFUL. Kudos to your site. I really like that pic on your header. Sosi. hope you’re doing ok… cathy-cat


  6. cathy-cat! tenks sa himas-ego 😛 the pic on my header was cropped from a group pic taken at a cave with hanging coffins in sagada. lapit na ang move mo to west coast; ‘pray that it will be a smooth transition for u 🙂 si mare ba ung nagbday na knwento ni gelo sa blog nya? if so, pls give her my belated greetings 🙂


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