Stuck in the office finishing a flyer. Another one of those rush jobs. I couldn’t write the copy soon enough to assign one of our two graphic artists – the ninja turtles, I fondly call them – to design it. (Besides, they’re loaded with book cover projects these days.) So it was up to me to take on the flyer challenge – writing and designing it at the same time. After all, what am I “head of creatives” for if I couldn’t hurdle a simple flyer? Bah. Nothing like a little pricking of the ego to motivate sluggish self on a Monday. Hehe.

The worst part is over. By divine inspiration and assistance, I’ve managed to write and design a decent flyer. Got the tentative nod of the boss minutes before he zoomed to his badminton game. Now Alma, my HP printer, is churning out print-outs of the flyer – but not before I cooed and cajoled her so she would agree with my spacing and color requirements. You see, Alma and Booknoy, my PC, are not always likeminded. Booknoy is awfully snail-paced these days. But that is a different story altogether. Anyweay, I was expecting Alma to get to my nerves tonight – as she is wont to under pressure – but, alas, she pulled through, except for one minor paper jam episode. She dislikes board paper, but tonight she took it like a good team player. Sigh… I could be in love with Alma. Hahaha!

There’s still a powerpoint to do, but that can wait. Or that’s what I’d like to think. I’ve used up my creative reserves for the day.

P.S. Hey, wait. Look at me, I’m tap dancin’ again! Thanks to those who were patiently swinging by day in and day out to see if the wordlessness cloud hovering above this blogger has finally lifted. It’s still a bit cloudy this side of me, but things are looking better. God is good 🙂


  1. Happy to have you back. Keep on dancing. Those shoes er…those fingers are made for tapdancin in the keyboard. 🙂


  2. hey besp! welcome bak sa iyong pagta-tapdance. its always good to read something from your blog =)
    keep it up!


  3. Hey alex, you know what, i’m here at ATeVi’s corner at PBS borrowing a moment. I can’t resist reading your blog when Ate told me about it! Wow! You see I’m your fan from the very start, the very first time i saw your essay at ATS writing seminar with Ate Evelyn. Good! I will be a constant audience of your tap dancing! HowL that’s everything you got!


  4. hey rheah! gald that you found your way to this corner of blogosphere 🙂 keep in touch! magblog ka na ren!

    hey te jophen (and ate vi, the lurker! hehe)- thanks for the encouragement 🙂 magblog ka na ren! im sure u will enjoy it, pramis.


  5. “but, alas, she pulled through”

    Why art thou disappointed in thy Alma’s unexpected well execution? Wouldst thou rather be proven right in thine expectation?

    Hmm. I’m terrible at this. I’m reading Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book and I can’t make anything of 1364 English.

    Glad to see you back! And thanks again for the Derf/Powerpuff letter. (=


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