maroon sweater

If not for the cloudy weather and cooler temperature today, I’d look downright silly and pitifully drenched in perspiration wearing this thick maroon sweater. As much as I like this maroon sweater with the brown stripes (and the cool way it matches with my brown pants and gray-blue sneakers), I am well aware that I live in the tropics—specifically, in the oven that is Metro Manila. Good sense dictates that thick sweaters—no matter how cool and fashionable—be left folded in the closet for the most part of the year, only to be worn during the few cold months of the year. But when your laundress decides to abandon you without notice, leaving you with a mound of dirty clothes, and the only thing left in your closet decent enough to wear to work is, yes, a maroon sweater, you could only hope for appropriate weather, ample coolness to pull off the look, and a nice spot in the MRT under the aircon vent.

Tonight I will swing by the laundry shop to pick up a ton of clean clothes (heavily-scented with Downey—mmmm… achoo!). Strangely, the thought excites me—but it’s probably just relief, not excitement. If, for some reason, I am unable to accomplish this simple yet critical task of picking up my laundry, I could be coming to work in a jusi barong tomorrow. Perish the thought.




    As usual, you never fail to crack me up.


  2. okay lang naman porma mo ngayon, lexus. i’m excited for tomorrow though. hehehe. =P

    scented with Downey or Downy? Robert Downey Jr.? =P


  3. ey eigen! long time no laugh! 🙂 how is the musican par excellence? invite me to one of your concerts so i can wear my jusi – appropriately.

    merilion – editor mode ka pa ren! Sabi ko na nga ba walang “e”. Hehe… oi, di ako naka-jusi 😉 i got my laundry. ahh, the simple joys of life 🙂


  4. Sige, samahan mo si Butch sa March 4, 2006. That’s when we have our concert. I hope the orchestra will be ready by then. ^_^


  5. Worse experience: to draw and wear from the unlaundered clothes the shirt that looks least dirty because you’ve run out of clean clothes to wear (and you have worn even that flowered shirt that not only makes you look fat, it also makes you look like a flamboyant pimp who lost his flare, and the only reason you have a shirt like that is because it is given by friends whose fashion sense run toward the…”experimental”)and to wear it, hoping it does not smell as bad as you think it does. Smother the fellow MRT passengers with your AXE to better camouflage the 5-day old sweat on your shirt.


  6. pas: Been there, done that – but definitely not with a floral number! Hahaha! 😉 undomesticated single males unite!


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