that old story

Last night, over pasta and frosted java, I recounted to two friends a not-so-happy heart story from my teenaged past. I figured I could retell the decade-old experience with detachment and even amusement.

I was wrong.

Time, after all, does not heal all wounds. There are wounds that Time can do nothing but anesthetize – and we can ignorantly mistake this respite from pain as healing. Until one day, without any warning, the numbness wears off and a disconcerting tingling heralds the return of a familiar ache.

It’s interesting how in our telling of old stories we hear our true selves, sometimes for the first time.


5 thoughts on “that old story”

  1. eyo! found yah! agree ako dun sa post nyo. i found this other blog that also has dancing as it’s theme. sino kaya ang mas original?

  2. oi oka! nice to “see” you 🙂 im sure some other person has also thought of dancing as a blog theme. by the way, i visited your site. coolness!

    normi – i will take that as a rhetorical question. hehe. wala akong sagot e 😉

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