blissfully stressed

If there is one thing I’m not complaining about these days, it’s boredom at work. The annual Manila International Bookfair, perhaps the Philippine publishing industry’s largest event, starts next week at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Our Christian publishing company is an active participant in the Book Fair. So most everyone in the office is busy as a bee. We at marketing are juggling quite a number of projects for the Book Fair, and it’s my job to coordinate and supervise most of these. Truth to tell, there are 101 reasons for pessimistic me to complain and yak away under all the pressure. But I’m surprised to find myself generally upbeat. (Well, except when the lower back acts up and I’m left painfully immobile for several hours. Or when my mind sets me on panic mode by automatically generating a long to-do list the very minute I gain consciousness in the morning.)

I’m actually finding the flurry of activities at the office during this time of year exciting. Then again, the line separating exciting and downright maddening is pretty thin. It gets especially blurred when one has gotten only two hours of sleep – and a fitful one at that – because of a 108-page book catalog that needs to go to press in time for the Fair. Who knows, I could change my mind about this Book Fair mania being exciting after I’ve had a good 6 hours of slumber.

But for now, groggy and sleep-deprived me thinks that this kind of work is actually fun! Thankfully, I work with people who not only have a crazy sense of humor, but who are also committed to giving their 100% to the work they had been called by God to do.

Yes, I’m pooped from all the work. I get awfully frustrated when deadlines are not met or when things don’t work out as smoothly as I had obsessively and compulsively plotted in a Gantt chart. Oh yes, people under pressure can be unreasonable and rude sometimes, myself included. But at the end of the day – like this one – I smile and realize that God has been good to me notwithstanding: putting a song in my heart while the hands were busy working, breaking the strain of a heavy workload with an officemate’s funny aside, and – as I type this – sending down rain on a warm, humid night so that weary, overworked souls such as myself can rest.

Ahh 🙂 Hope you, too, are blissfully stressed.


  1. Blissfully stressed—oxymoronic but true. If you ask me, I’m kinda blissfully stressed too. 🙂
    Amazing how you could churn out this piece with only two hours of sleep.


  2. i find i write faster – sometimes, better – when im sleep-deprived. maybe because the inner critic is too disoriented to nag. hehe.


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