Don’t look now—I’ve once again redesigned the site (with much help from a template, thank you). There’s just something therapeutic about tinkering with HTML/CSS codes. Half the time I didn’t really know what I was doing, but the thrill was in the discovery. I did have enough sense to keep a back-up of the original codes before I tweaked here and there 🙂

It was also fun doing the header/banner in Photoshop. In case you didn’t notice (yeah, right!), that is sillyserious me on the left (what else would I be—the keyboard?). Nothing like using your own pic to experiment with—that way you’re sure no one will complain if you make a mess of it. Well, actually, some people you know just might complain about your pic’s truthfulness if you overdid the retouching. Hehe. So I’m coming clean now: I did blur a pimple or two (or three) on the forehead and erased a wayward spike of hair, but, hey, who wouldn’t if it was just a sweep of a mouse and a click away, right? Besides, they do it all the time with images on magazine covers and—wait, why am I explaining? Stop.

Come to think of it, I kinda like this design better than its brown and oldish predecessor. Ahh…Change still lingers in the air.


  1. Why don’t you look for a GIF of someone tap dancin’ and put it on the keyboard? Cheesy and obvious but what the heck, kahit limited time lang. (=


  2. i did say the brown template matches your “maturity” hehe, but this one is waaay cooler (so technically, it matches you too. hehe). i like! 😀

    congrats on the new template 🙂


  3. hi s! good idea! cge, ill try googling for a tap-dancing gif that i can use 🙂 was at the Bookfair thurs-sat. Hope u find time to swing by 🙂

    tenks, riz! 🙂


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