“[Agape is] a profound concern for another
without any desire to control that other,
to be thanked by that other,
or to enjoy the process.”
– Edward Nason West

I was revisiting the dusty journal of several years past when I came across the above quote that I had neatly scribbled on the ruled journal page. If I’m not mistaken, Elisabeth Elliot quoted that in her book The Mark of a Man, my reading at the time of the journal entry.

Go ahead, read the quote again. I know I did – again and again. And each time, I sighed. Such a tall order. When I run a quick check of my motives for “loving”, I cringe at the realization that most of them are colored by selfish agenda, albeit covert. It saddens and frustrates me that my kind of “love” is a farcry from that heavenly ideal. Many times I have groped inwardly for resources to simulate agape, but I find nothing that comes close to its lofty purity. But my frequent inability to display agape love doesn’t change the standard: God, who is Agape personified, calls me to love as He does: sans “the desire to control… to be thanked… or to enjoy the process.”

Pondering those words and reflecting on my obvious incapacity to faithfully show agape, I just couldn’t shake off this thought: Maybe the first step to genuinely dispensing agape love is to first soak in it. To keep on receiving it from the Ultimate Source, and, dare I say, be hopelessly addicted to it. Until it consumes you and you can’t hold it back from spilling over from yourself to those around you. After all, what cup has ever prevented water from overflowing from its brim after it has been filled beyond its capacity?

“We love because He first loved us.”


  1. wow. hanep.

    i love the last paragraph. such known thought but how easily taken for granted or ignored from time to time. praise God for indeed, “..He first loved us”



  2. lisuda jud sa agape love noh… “…without any desire to be thanked by the other, or to enjoy the process.” pero grabe, He first loved us.


  3. Love it!
    We don’t have enough love for ourselves much less for anyone else … but as partakers of Agape … we have a super-abundance … enough even to love our enemies … but not us. It is Christ in us!


  4. Nalani – God is truly the initiator. And aren’t we all grateful he first loved us! Hala, tuloy ang piper marathon πŸ™‚

    Jeanette! lagi, lisud jud. Hay. But even in the way we love, He is transforming us. Miss u jean!

    Amen, Trent! We love with Christ’s love. Thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚


  5. “Maybe the first step to genuinely dispensing agape love is to first soak in it.”

    indeed. =)

    ei, turuan mo kong gumawa ng banner please!!!


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