Horrors! I just found out that my site design – this design – doesn’t display very well with Internet Explorer. The fonts are all mixed up! I’m sure most of you who frequent this site and who are IE users are like, “What’s new, I’ve been bearing with your erratic fonts for so long now I’ve started to think it’s deliberate!”

Gasp! Believe you me, i am little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to layout and design (occupational hazard, i guess).

Last year, upset with IE’s browsing woes (spell ‘slow’ and ‘malware’), i decided to try out Mozilla Firefox. In no time, i fell in love with Firefox, and there was just no turning back. I use Firefox in both my home and office computers now. My favorite feature is the tab feature that lets me open multiple pages (neatly tabbed right below the address field) on the same window – perfect for browsing related topics.

Repairing my template or using a new one that looks right on IE is definitely on my to-do list, but it keeps getting bumped because of other pressing tasks. Meantime, may I suggest you try out Firefox (if you haven’t yet). There’s no telling, you just might fall in love with this browser. Don’t worry, it’s freeware.


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