Woke up today without the rude interruption of the alarm. Instead of snoozing two more hours, I decided to get up right away – it’s such a beautiful day to be lethargic from oversleeping. The only two things marring the “perfection” of this Sunday morning are my arthritic limbs (they’ve started to notice the cooler weather) and the full-volume 90s music of one of the neighbors (please choose another decade, any decade!).

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activities at work. I had to do 6 sessions of product presentation over three days, help stage a pastors’ event, juggle coordination of creative and marketing projects, and remind myself to breathe every now and then. There are two booklaunches and a bookfair waiting in the next few weeks. Whew. One thing that keeps my head above water in all this is the prospect of spending two weeks with family in Davao for Christmas. Now if only I could somehow manage to survive until that joy-to-the-world vacation. Hehe. Meantime, I am exceedingly thankful for this long weekend.

There are a few things that have been soaking in my mind and heart these days. Bits and pieces that, I believe, can be shuffled to a form that makes more sense, if only I could learn – and learn quick – to wisely piece them together in my mind and heart. Some are almost ripe for transcription onto paper or screen. Until then, let me just mull over them, pray about them, listen and learn from other people, and trust the patient and tireless Teacher to instruct and guide.

Current reads: Blink by Ted Dekker, Soul Survivor by Philip Yancey, and The Godward Life by John Piper

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