This is very interesting. In about 5 hours I will be taking the PAL flight to Tacloban City for a work-related thing. Up until today, the details of this travel have not been really clear. My companions are traveling by sea from Cebu, while I will be flying in alone from Manila. It’ll be my first time in the area. I know the name, address, and phone number of the place where we’re supposed to lodge. And… uhm, that’s about it. Hehe. I should be panicky and all but, alas, I am not.

Well, maybe not yet?

With the many stressful things going on in my life now, I think I have reached a level of stress overload that has triggered a protective mechanism which renders me less senstive and reactive to potential stressors. Uhm… say that again? Then there’s the simpler explanation: the prayers of those I have cried SOS to are being heard! 🙂 “I’ve got peace like a river… I’ve got peace like a river… (with matching actions)”

Well, I really should be sleeping or packing – haven’t decided which of them should come first. Just thought I’d blog before I embark on my little Visayan adventure. This is also my way of letting my friends know that if you don’t hear from me in two days, you had better look for me! One of a hundred dreadful traveling incidents might have happened to me! Waahhh! Okay, now I’m starting to panic. Kidding 🙂 For whatever it’s worth, I’m looking at this as an adventure. (Gulp.)

P.S. For my trip, I’m wearing this cool, yellow shirt I stumbled upon at SM North EDSA:

Who knows, it just might help ward off evil-doers who intend to inflict harm on a clueless, overworked traveler 😉 I’ll just make sure they read the print and see me drool and wink at them. Eew.


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