new day

There is something to be said about each new day. We fail to tap into a powerful reservoir of hope and grace when we fail to grasp that a new day – from the instant our eyes squint at the morning sunlight to the moment they droop in slumber at night – is a fresh gift lovingly bestowed upon us by the Ancient of Days. Many of us live as though our days are merely reruns of previous episodes, recycled events. We allow life’s routines and problems to blind us and rob us of the opportunity to live emboldend by the potent newness and vast possibility inherent in a set of 24 hours. And so we spend the seconds, minutes, and hours of a new day the way have spent them before, going through the monotonous motions and leaving little room for anything out of the ordinary.

We shame Today by living it the same way we had lived Yesterday, with little or no prospect of ever deciding to do differently Tomorrow. Worse, we mock the faithful Giver of new days when we live our days as though they were one long day – no rest, no newness, no faith. What we need is a humble and awesome sense of the fresh, sufficient portions of mercies that God graciously blesses us with each and every day. Then we begin to trust God. We find the heart to shake off the lethargy of safety and stride in faith. We learn to live – truly live – one new day at a time.


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