look, ma, no wires

Yah-ooh! This is my first wireless tap dancin’ date with Kierk šŸ™‚ Two weekends ago, after attending church service, I took note of the ubiquitous tarpaulin signs propped up on X-stands that littered the east wing of Robinsons Galleria. They announced: “Absolutely Free WiFi Access.” Goodie! Time to test Kierk’s wireless powers!

And so here I am, at Bo’s Coffee, happily tap dancin’ while slurping blended coffee. The signal is strong. Except for a minor glitch at start-up, I haven’t been disconnected even once. Now I only have to worry about power. I’m running on batteries as of now, and that gives me a maximum of 2 hours of computing. Next mission: Find a sweet spot near a power outlet.

I could live here šŸ™‚

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