sneaky december

December tiptoed its way into my days. I didn’t really notice it making a grand entrance. Which is odd. Because as far back as I can remember, I’ve always anticipated December with countdown excitement (Limang tulog na lang!). For the past ten years, this anticipation has been fueled in large part by the prospect of going home to Davao to be with family even for just two weeks. But this year is a bit different. Certain events have sent me a bit off-balanced. And anxious. There is no telling what things await me these last cold days of the year…

Tomorrow will be our office Christmas party and, as has been the tradition, it’s going to be a costume party of sorts. This year’s theme? Cartoon characters! Talks in the office the past few days have revolved around certain witches (Yep, gothic black and eeeevil!), fairies (Oh this is easiest – think glitters and repurposed gowns), superheroes (Tights and underwear worn over trousers! Are you serious?) gracing our year-end office celebration.

As if by default, I will be emcee. There isn’t a fixed program yet except for the usual singing, games, and raffle. I am trying not to get too stressed out about it by reminding myself that it will be an informal affair. (We’re really like family in the office.) And I pray that, as in company events past, spontaneity will yield its fruits of fun and fellowship. Besides, the people are already warm and game to start with, so it won’t be too much work to get them guffawing and enjoying. From what I’ve overheard about the costume preparations – panty hose turning into Tinkerbell’s wings, cheap trousers to be resewn into Fred Flinstone’s necktie, temporary blond hair dye – the sight will be nothing short of magical. Maybe, even hilarious.

As for my costume, it’s a toss-up between Clark Kent (Ahem… All objections overruled!) and Jughead Jones (Archie’s laid-back best friend, remembah?). Based on my little Google search, I seem to share more things in common with Jughead – and food is just the start. Also, costume preps for Jughead are minimal – just a nice cut-out crown and casual clothes. Voila! As a bonus, I get an excuse to be a glutton at the buffet table! Afterall, I’m just being “in character.” Hehe…

“Well-meaning” officemates have sugggest that I come as Shrek or Frankenstein. I would have warmed up to either one, until I realized they’re both green! I might just as well be Slimer from The Ghostbusters! (Hey, I miss that floating green dude.)

Now, where, in all this, is the true spirit and meaning of Christmas? Hmm…


  1. Now come to think of it… you do remind me of Jughead — his lanky figure, his hairdo, his sarcasm and seeming indifference to the world… hehehe. so did you wear a crown cap to top off your costume? But I guess the tap dancer’s wit can make anyone laugh out louder that no Archie comics ever can rival, hehehe… 😉


  2. hey nech! yep, i wore a crown – shiny golden (in deference to the season) and off-center (so people won’t mistake me for one of the wise men!):) it was a fun evening, populated mostly by fairies of different sizes, shapes, and colors 🙂


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