much more than words

Don’t leave me now. Please.
Not now when most everything around me is shifty and hazy
Like the flickering shadows cast by the season’s thousand blinking lights.
No! Don’t abandon me to the incoherent and deceitful torrents of thoughts and emotions
That do nothing but suck me into a maddening whirlpool of What-ifs.

, soothe the headache. Salve the heartache.
You must, oh you must do my bidding. Please.
Be tame, and let me string you together
So I can find my peace. Just this once.

You never leave me nor forsake me. Thank You.
Especially now when I most yearn for certainty and security
Like a wind-plucked leaf from a lofty branch, reeling as it yields to breeze and gravity.
Yes. You keep me from the shackles of Despair, the prison cell of Hopelessness
For even in the unsettling imbalance, there is your Grace – amazing and all-sufficient.

, take captive this mind. Make whole this heart.
I must, oh I must do Your bidding. Teach me.
Be all that I need, and let me be still
For You will be my peace. Once again.


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