because… aaaaargh!

Rain, rain go away. Not-so-little Aleks… needs his sanity back! The heavy rains have me stranded here in BluGre Coffee Shop in Davao. I need to be going home pronto, but I can’t…

Because I don’t have an umbrella and I can’t afford to risk getting Kierk wet (Sans gadget, I wouldn’t mind soaking in the rain)… Because I don’t have enough money for a taxi ride (I do, however, have enough coins in my bag and pocket for the two jeepney rides it takes to get home)… Because I dropped my wallet in the backseat of the taxi I took on my way here (It doesn’t help that I can’t remember one significant detail about the Kia cab I took! All I remember is that it’s white!)… Because I needed to check my email (using BluGre’s free wifi) to follow-up an ad placement that needs to see print tomorrow in Inquirer (I couldn’t get the dial-up at home to work!)… Because if the ad doesn’t come out tomorrow, I will be in a major bind (Don’t even want to start to think about it)… Because… it’s a long story and I’m not exactly in the mood to tell…

Aaaaargh! Waaaaah… God, helf!

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