blog evangelism

Last December break, I was on a mission: To convert my elder sister (a lawyer) and my eldest brother (a minister) to become bloggers.

My sis was a tough nut to crack. Despite my – ahem – outstanding arguments in favor of her keeping a blog instead of sending email en masse to her friends and family while she’s in Japan, she just wouldn’t budge. Following several after-dinner interaction, the farthest that my marketing skills could take me was to extract this deal from her: She, who is particularly squeamish about divulging her thoughts online and who thinks her writing has abandoned literary flair in favor of legalese, will attempt blogging if and only if her pesky blogger brother can come up with a blogsite concept that will blow her mind away AND if and only if the same pesky blogger brother would design an equally excellent template for her.

Whew. Told ya it was tough. But a small victory, nonetheless. Now I will devote one precious Saturday to brainstorming and designing for this soon-to-be blogger. I sense my ultimate victory is at hand. Ah, it is winter in Japan now – my sister’s very first. What better way to keep her tropical fingers from freezing than to let them tap away on the keyboard as she blogs! (Yet another creative pitch from my bottomless hat! Haha.)

It wasn’t as difficult to proselytize the minister bro. It helped that he had began a blog before (two short posts and then it died – username and password banished to oblivion). Plus, it didn’t hurt that he had just acquired a laptop courtesy of abovementioned sis. As it turned out, this combination of prior experience and novel gadget – topped with a budding awareness of his writerly potential as pointed out to him by, ahem, yours truly – proved to be the recipe for my evangelistic triumph. So please, dear bloggers and blog hoppers, would you warmly welcome my brother to our universe of online musings by wandering over to his blog, A Preacher’s Attempts at Writing. And, I have a strong feeling that it is only a matter of time before I introduce you to my sister’s own blog. Bright ideas are welcome, anyone?

Long live bloggers!


  1. New convert(s)! I can still remember the time, almost one year ago, when I didn’t think I had the guts to blog. I say, you make quite a convincing salesman. 🙂


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