dealing with (digital) loss

I took a risk. Thought I understood enough to take a plunge. I was feeling extra courageous, and the usual paranoid and calculating self felt like taking a backseat; so the daredevil took control.

I popped in the Ubuntu installation CD that Besp gave me, and then rebooted Kierk. Besp had been all-praises about Ubuntu – the exciting, new, and FREE operating system based on the Linux platform. It’s supposed to rival the user interface of Windows XP. Sounds like fun! I was pretty sure Kierk would appreciate the new innards…

If only his master had been more cautious…

One misstep in the installation process and I accidentally wiped out my entire “Volume D” where I store all my data! Gasp! I had given my dear Kierk amnesia! Kierk couldn’t remember our songs. Those gigabytes of music that have once laced the silences or shut off the noise – whichever was my preference at a given moment – had vanished! He couldn’t remember any of the things we had been through the past four months: the work docs (whew, good thing i have most of them backed up on my office pc), the Photoshop projects (art gone forever!), pictures (huhuhu), and – what I’m lamenting more than anything – the heartfelt journal entries and soul-baring prayers, records of honest reflection and revelation that can never be replicated. Thinking about it makes me sad, very sad 😦

Hay. Now, it’s time to move on.


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