starry, starry night

Tonight as i walked to my apartment building, I found myself stopping for a moment to gaze at the cloudless night sky. It was beautifully dotted with twinkling stars, peeking through the elegantly obtrusive silhouette of a bald tree…

No one can look earnestly at stars and not feel small.

And that’s just what I need right now: To feel small. Because only then can this proud being begin to imagine afresh “how high, how wide, how deep, and how long” the love of God is for His little ones…

The One who calls each star by name is calling this anxious one to, yet again, place his trust in Him. Oh for grace to humbly accept daily such a grand and loving invitation that the stars have relayed to me tonight.

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in Thee… for Thy power is made perfect in my weakness.


  1. waaahhh!!! nakita ko rin yun kagabi. pantastik! pambihira, minsan lang mangyari yung ang dami-daming stars sa city. Bow.

    Sometimes things get too overwhelming that it’s really hard to think how can things work together for our good. But actually they eventually will. 🙂 (ahmmm may sense ba yung sinabi ko? hehehe) *big hug*


  2. minsan iniisip ko, ‘palagi bang nakatingala si ivy?’ – kasi ikaw rin yung nakakita nung werewolf moon last time and this time, nakita mo rin yung ‘pantastik’ starry night sky 😉

    yep, may sense yunng sinabi mo. pramis. salamat 🙂


  3. It might initially sound impossible for six-footer you to be feeling small, but yes, in the presence of God, that’s how you (and I and the rest of humanity) should feel.

    One night, look at the stars again. One might twinkle extra brightly and tell you, “The Hands that put me up here and keep me in place are the same Hands that can keep you strong and secure down there.” 🙂


  4. i’d sure like to get a glimpse of the starry starry skies one night, but the smog up here in baguio make it impossible sometimes…


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