in print!

Hi, Kim!

Your prodigal writer is checking in. I just want to keep you posted on the (slow) progress of my article. I am still wrestling with it, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel ๐Ÿ™‚ I will definitely turn it in before Monday, the 20th. Truly sorry for the delay. Thank you very much for your patience and consideration. (I’m getting nightmares thinking how I could already be upsetting your schedule!)


That was my email to Kim, the editor of InterLit (an international Christian publishing magazine), last February. I did not make the original deadline and was getting frustrated with the slow birth of my article about cover design. Please don’t get nightmares, Kim good-naturedly emailed back. The wonderful editor that she is, Kim very graciously encouraged me and granted me an extension. Two weeks past the original deadline and almost twice the assigned word count of 1000 (too much adrenaline sent me zooming past the word limit), I took a deep breath and emailed my article to Kim. She then promptly – in less than two days! – sent me back my edited piece. It was about 200 words shorter, but tighter and better. I was dreading a rewrite, but Kim assured me there was no need for that. I smiled at her generous compliments.

That was almost four months ago. Today I got my copies of InterLit in the mail. Yipee! Of course, I read and read and read my piece, each time finding something I thought could be better phrased or organized. But I am generally happy about it and thankful for the opportunity to contribute to InterLit. After I had enough of vanity reading, I pored over the other articles — written by publishers in places like Africa, Romania, Russia — and found them insightful and helpful.

It is a great feeling to finally see in print what you’ve written — your words, your thoughts, your by-line. All the more exciting is the thought that God just might use it to help or inspire someone out there. Getting published can be so elating that the joy can overshadow the memory of the oftentimes agonizing (at least for this slow writer) process of writing. Which shouldn’t be the case. I would do well to remember that writing is hard work. But it’s the kind that I think I won’t mind doing over and over again.

To those who prayed for me and encouraged me as I snailed through the writing process, MANY THANKS!


  1. Your words are worth to be in print–and not just in magazines. You just said that you won’t mind doing it (writing) over and over again. Your words are worth a book. Take it from this editor.:-)Game na!


  2. Congrats aleks! wow international contributor ka na. I feel so intimidated, hehehe. cover story ba sya? nakalagay kasi “cover” dun sa kicker nung page. well, hope I can read your article (di ko mabasa by clicking on the image eh, masyado maliit letters). link it here! =)


  3. beng – thanks for the editorial push. hehe. but i sincerely doubt if im ripe enough for a book, but i will pray about it. (i still think the pubcom was joking. hehe)

    sharon – swing by the house ๐Ÿ™‚ i can’t quite bring myself to bring the mag to church. *blush*

    gypsy – ur second children’s book is coming out before mine does, that is for sure. hehe.

    salamat, polaris! tuloy pa ba devo project mo?

    nechie – thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ yep, my article was one of several cover stories. shy ako i-link. haha…


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