friday night solo malling

On my way home from work tonight, I took a side trip to Megamall. It’s Friday, I had no plans and didn’t feel like heading home right away. So I roamed Megamall’s bookstores and the gadget stores in Cyberzone.

I’ve done this aimless malling countless times before and it has proven therapeutic most of the time. The key is to not have any objective or agenda—no necessary stuff to shop for. I just let myself get lost in the sea of books, picking up and browsing whatever strikes my fancy, studying cover designs, and checking how our book products are being merchandised on the shelves. (Okay, I know I’m somehow still working even when I’m supposed to relax…)

While at Cyberzone, I window-shop: checking the prices of the laptops and convincing myself that Kierk, my HP laptop bought last August, was a good buy considering my budgetary constraints. I also look at the latest cellphones. Sometimes I even inquire about the price of the model I own. (By the way, I got a new phone just last month, a Sony Ericsson K750i—fantabulous!) I do this, again, to convince myself that my purchase was a good deal. Sometimes I also inquire about tech stuff I might consider buying in the near or distant future. Tonight I asked about the price of a 1GB Memstick Duo Pro for my K750i, and tried to keep a straight face when the sales person said “4500.” Gulp. Just asking.

Before catching a bus home, I decided on impulse to grab a copy of Mobile Philippines magazine. I have browsed previous issues of this unusually-sized mag (formerly called “m|ph”) and found the articles very interesting. But I’ve always been too cheap to actually get a copy for myself, until tonight. The beautiful Cheska Garcia was on the cover, but even more oooh-inspiring were the content teasers printed around her. Ah, this one’s going to be a chill-out, geeky Friday evening. And so it was.

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