Oh how I get stuck. Bono of U2 was reprimanding me when he crooned this line: “You’ve got to get yourself together; you’ve got stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it.”

I’ve been stuck in moments, places, and people. Too many times. It’s a tricky thing, being stuck. Seldom do I realize that I’m, well, stuck until after a significant amount of time has slipped away (say, ten years?). I may have a unique talent in that I am able to create an illusion of motion. All too often I think that I’ve already gotten up from a stumble, brushed the dust off my pants, and started walking on. And then it hits me (always a little bit too late and in the most unguarded moment) that I’ve never really moved an inch! Worse, I have comfortably pitched a tent at ground zero.

Maybe I should just accept my “fate” and wallow in my pitiful holes, forever stuck and forever living in an illusion of having trudged past certain moments, places, and people. Or, I could lift my hands heavenward in utter desperation and pray to be unglued, unchained, unstuck from certain moments, places, and people. While at it, I wiggle my toes, shake off the lethargy from my limbs, and depend on God to get me moving again—until the next time I get stuck.

Because if I really think about it, life is about getting stuck here and there, until we learn to keep journeying forward in order to discover particular moments, places, and people to get stuck in that don’t make us feel, well, stuck.


  1. Hey, just link-clickin’ here. great layout. I know what you mean by being stuck. Right no, I’m feeling kinda stuck in my career and I’m not really sure how to get unstuck. I’m still praying that I somehow see the right direction to take.


  2. hey aleks! don’t get stuck too long… you might get left behind (parang book yun ha! :- ) ) … i do agree that it is a reality, getting stuck.. but then, sometimes we think that we are stuck yet we are not, we are only stuck with idea of being stuck… whatever it is, I hope you get free soon :- ) 10 years is a long time :- ) there are lots and lots to discover in other holes : – )


  3. glad u dropped by, swipe 🙂 welcome to “stuck anonymous.” hehe. hang in there. i pray that God would lead you in the next step…

    dr hemes, thank you for link-clicking to my blog 😉 read your blogs and enjoyed them! it must be interesting to roam the world.

    but how just long is ‘too long’, jen? hehe. thankfully, the grace we depend on is sufficient for “unstuck-ing” us. u’re right – new holes await 🙂


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