pork and the paper

Just when I thought that my day’s highlight was the slab of pork (liempo—my favorite!) wrapped in aluminum foil, which the wife of one of our authors thoughtfully cooked for me, I learn that an article I submitted last September to Philippine Daily Inquirer’s “Youngblood” section actually saw print last Saturday!

I was sharing the liempo with my housemate Jireh when he kidded me abour being secretive regarding my published article. What article? I was stunned and excited at the same time, almost choking on the slice of pork I was chewing on. It turns out that while I was away in Davao over the weekend, Jireh got a text message from his brother who came across the article.

How could I have missed it last Saturday? I was at my parents’ house then. My father is a loyal PDI subscriber and I remember seeing Saturday’s issue on the living room table. But instead of reading the paper, I opted to play the piano (which proved stressful because I soon discovered that the High-F key had been pounded dead by my 7-year-old nephew.)

I had been published once in the “Youngblood” section in 2000. But with this recent submission, I wasn’t too optimistic about getting published. My piece did not tackle any national issue. Neither was it particularly clever or fresh, in my opinion. Heartwarming, perhaps? Not even close. So why did I submit it in the first place? Well, it was the only full article that I had on file when, out of nowhere, I got the urge to submit something to PDI. I remember thinking it wouldn’t hurt to try and neither would it be inconvenient since all I had to do was copy and paste and press “Send.”

And so I did, and the rest, well, is history. Friends I have shared the good news to tell me they may have a copy of Saturday’s paper for me. That’s something to look forward to tomorrow.

Maybe Manang Dolly (the author’s wife) gave me the yummy liempo because she had an inkling that I would need to celebrate tonight? Quite unlikely. Nevertheless, the pork and published article seem to me the work of a caring Heavenly Father who seasons His children’s days with good things.

Barring the back pain attacks earlier today, I’d say today was a good day. For the writer’s bio at the article’s end I wrote, “he lives on fast food and other people’s cooking.” Receiving the liempo on the day I learn about my published article (which incidentally is about my “fondness” of cooking) is just perfect.

Before it gets buried deeper in the archives, here’s the link to my article on Inquirer’s online edition.


  1. Haha! GYUD! Hey can you email me that spag recipe of your housemate-I might try my hand in cooking it, unlike you, I love to cook, and like you, I am also an omnivore. Kudos on the article, enjoyed it very much. 🙂


  2. ei jen! i got the clipping through beng. salamat ha! 🙂

    thanks, gypsy! ill ask my housemate to scribble the recipe for you. when u finally whip it up (they say the recipe’s pretty simple and straightforward), im sure u’ll have a good idea of how inept i am at cooking! hehe… an omnivore who likes to cook? good for u! that should be the definition of “self-sufficient.” 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the article. I’ve always wanted to submit something to youngblood but I just never got around to it.

    As for cooking, I like to help out in cooking by chopping up stuff. I always thought that was the best bit about cooking.


  4. ruben, mah gud pwend! thanks for dropping by 🙂 magka-design shirts natin today. shall we dance? hehe.

    polaris, “punny” title? *innocent look* may naudlot pa tayong chat session. winter na ba jan? hope all is brrrrry well with u.

    swipe – u’re 29 right? there’s still time to submit for youngblood! hehe. go ahead. won’t hurt to try, man 😉

    frenz, malamang di mo na maalala ung dinner na un. hehe. sa shakey’s un sa boring mall 😉

    gypsy – indeed, indeed 😀


  5. Hullo, er, Alexander. =)

    Ready for a stupid quetion? Here goes: how does one submit to Inquirer’s Youngblood section? And is one paid well in the event her/his article gets published? Thanks. =)


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