the vanity edition

Time to spruce up this space! My head is throbbing from burning the midnight oil. Worked on this new layout until 3AM. Thanks to Jon Lao for the pic at right, shot with no more than ten seconds of warning during one of our work meetings. (And thanks to Maricar for tipping me that this pic was up on Jon’s Flickr account! Hehe.)

vanity-ed-screenshot.jpgI’m calling this design the Vanity Edition, for obvious reasons. Hehe. I know there are downsides to putting up your pic (especially of this size) on your blog. For one, it demystifies the author—moi in this case. Those blog-hoppers, link-clickers who wander this way will not have to wonder what this sillyserious fella looks like. Sure, reading me doesn’t conjure up visions of Ashton Kutcher or Brandon Routhe. Fine. But now you know I’m really closer to Ben Affleck. No? Uhm, Jackie Chan?

Which brings me to a related disadvantage. When people read my blog, they now have a face to react to (say, after I just boasted of my dashing good looks and sent Superman and Demi-man fans jumping off the cliff in protest.) When I write something that sends their blood pressure rising or their face contorting in disgust, it won’t just be words on the screen they’ll have. My all-new improved blog now offers the extra feature of my own (Photoshopped) image—ready to be printed, posted on the wall, and thrown darts at. Then again, if you’re really upset, I doubt if you’ll waste precious colored ink or bore holes in your nicely-painted wall. I’m sure you’ll figure out a cost-effective way to vent. But you do get the point, right?

It’s not only the look of this blog that’s changed. I’m also renaming it. From Tap Dancin’ to SillySerious Soliloquies. (Soli..lo… Okay, so what if I checked the dictionary for the right spelling?)

So there, dear reader. Thank you for keeping in step with the tap dancer all of these two years. I hope you keep dropping by to listen in on my sillyserious soliloquies. Now stop copying my pic onto your computer.


  1. wowwwww!!!! ang ganda!!!! lagi mo na lang ako nauunahan 😛 i plan to rename and redesign my blog too. but seeing what you’ve done with yours, parang bigla akong na-shy 😉 ang ganda nito, parang serious blogger ang dating 😀 wowwwww!!!!


  2. oi reynold! ok na sana ang comment, my “?” lang. hmp. hehe… what’s ur blog url? clicked on the link and it led me to a blank profile.

    turkangel79 – serious ba, as in “imbestigador: di namin kayo tatanTAnan!” renovate ka na rin ng blog! bilis! 🙂 thanks for dropping by. oi nag-anniversary na ang kape date natin.


  3. Hey, nice layout. And nice pic… 🙂

    Naku, with your pic on your blog, tiyak magdadagsaan ang fans mo dito, Sillyserious. Hintay ka lang. 😀


  4. nice, new look ALeks! But my pc must really be old kasi i can’t see the pic of you on the..uh..right side? or mali ang settings ko? Oh well, i see you practically everyday… maganda toh!


  5. WaaAAAaaaaAAAaH! Ibog ko! When are you going to help me spruce up my blog?! I promise to cook that pasta dish for you as payment..hehe!


  6. abaniko – or it could be the other way around 😉 hehe… thanks for dropping by

    mah gud pwend ruben! it must be the resolution of ur monitor. di ko alam pano gawing mas flexible and background eh. hehe… oi, magblog ka na rin. i have a suggested title: “rooh-minations” 😉 niiiice!

    gypsy! pasta for blog spruce-up sounds like a good deal c”,)


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