saturday affair

On Saturday I enter the lions’ den.

At least that’s how I felt when our CEO came to me yesterday wearing that grin of his. He asked me to attend the breakfast meeting with our company’s Board. And it’s not just so I could score a free breakfast. He will be presenting the half-fiscal-year report, and since the Marketing Director, my boss, is out of town, I will have to be the one to discuss our department’s newly-crafted marketing strategy. Gulp. I, me, moi, must convince the Board to buy into the plan, one that’s incomplete, still rough at the edges, infested with loopholes and … okay, I’m just panicky and paranoid. Really, the plan does seem like a good, well, plan.

Deep breathing…

You see, our Board members are not the type who materialize but once a year, doze off in meetings, or congregate to just chat and eat. No, siree! They’re a a dynamic lot of accomplished business and ministry people with a big heart for Christian literature. And they love to get their hands dirty – pro bono at that!

From what I’ve heard, at least three of them have had illustrious careers in marketing — one was marketer for a soda brand (not that one, the other one!) before becoming marketing professor in a well-respected business school; one is recently retired from being President (!) in a multinational company; and one was VP in an ad agency.

So there. You understand my dilemma?

I’m sure it’s divine conspiracy that for several nights I have been reading from Exodus (Nah, not Daniel as you might have predicted from the intro). I remember rolling my eyes in exasperation when Moses, feeling inadequate at the huge mission before him, paraded before the Almighty his string of excuses.

C’mon, mannn, it’s no use arguing with the Big Guy. Just go ahead and do it. Take that shape-shifting staff and lead your people out of slavery into the land flowing with milk and honey. Oh. Ye. Of. Little. Faith.

Now look who’s talking.

Seriously, I do feel inadequate and anxious. And to think that my dreaded task is nowhere as grand and difficult as leading a revolution against a tyrant. But knowing how Moses’ story ended helps me take heart and look at this, my little challenge come Saturday morning, as an opportunity, not only career-wise, but more importantly, faith-wise. Feeling helpless drives us to run to the Helper.

Trusting in the faithful One behind the burning bush who had once assured a stuttering fellow, “I will be with you; you only need to be still,” I know I’ll be fine tomorrow.

Now if only I had a stick that transmogrifies into a snake…


  1. hurt me? nah. grilled me? yes. hehe. i expected nothing less.

    came away from the ‘den’ with a deeper appreciation of our board’s role. their leadership is very encouraging 🙂 thanks for asking, jen!


  2. oh dear, quite the contrary, gypsy! hehe.

    i must clarify: i expected to be grilled – which they did. nothing wow-eliciting about my presentation; truth is, it left a lot to be desired. but i appreciate the issues and points the board raised. the grilling was worth the lessons and insights i gleaned. next time, i’ll be better prepared.

    but thanks for the vote of confidence (^^,)


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