a whole new world… er, blog

blue sea smiley designWell, not really. It’s the same set of furniture, just a different corner in the blogosphere. And a little bluer. Too blue for me, according to my friend Turkangel.

“Blue is not your color.” (Emphasis mine.)

Of course, I know it isn’t my color (emphasis still mine). So whose is it, anyway? I’d like to know who owns the color blue so I can say thanks. Harhar.

Corny. Yeah, yeah. I got that a lot today. Blame it on the only four hours of sleep last night. I stayed up until past 2AM migrating from Blogger and doing a bit of header decorating. I’m not really sure why I moved. It’s just one of those spur of the moment things. (Now Gypsy calls me the blogosphere gypsy!)

I was so tired on the commute home today I think I slept through most of the jeepney ride from the MRT station. I hope I didn’t snore though. Groggy from sleepiness, still all I could think about was my Blogroll. Must… put… up… bl..og…rolllll…ASAP… Zzzzzzz.

And so here I am. Droopy-eyed and yawning every ten seconds. But a blogger’s got to do what a blogger’s got to do, right?

Welcome to my new little blue patch of blog earth 🙂

(By the way, the sea background on my header – I took that myself onboard the Superferry. Then again, even the most unskilled of camera users seldom go wrong shooting at least these two: sunset/sunrise and the ocean. They’re too perfect that even photographic ineptness can do so little to degrade their beauty.)


  1. ey aleks. glad you’ve shifted to the wordpress world! you really “packed” your stuff, huh – as in every article from your previous blog is here. sipag! 😛


  2. elo macoy da genius! im glad someone thinks my moving is cool! haha! liz and glads (and pam) seem to think my blogspot space was better (my vanity design notwithstanding).

    wordpress imported all the stuff seamlessly – i just had to click a few times. and just when i was cozily settled, i realize that i can’t tweak css without ordering their upgrade. bummer.


  3. welga! WELGA! welga! the other one IS better! :p hmmm… change the banner na lang kaya? ehehe 😉 kuya, you know naman that i just want what’s best for you di ba? hehehe 🙂 pero kung san ka masaya, suportahan taka. 😉 but be prepared. for it will take a lot of time (and effort!) for me not to talk about the “better looking” blogsite! :p welga! welga! hehe


  4. makibaka! wag matakot! 😛 blue is not your color, it’s mine! harhar! 😛 seriously though, i like the old blog better. maybe change your color scheme to orange? you’re too sunny to be blue 😉 or sabi nga ni glads, change your banner 😀 i like your face better than mr. smiley’s 😛


  5. Just curious, why the change? I’ve been thinking about switching but it seems that wordpress has more restrictions over the design so I’m still with blogger.


  6. oh. and I just remembered that the other reason that I never got around to switching was because you needed to be a paying subscriber in order to have full control of your template.


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