Today was a flurry of activities at the office. I didn’t even have time to open the organizer application on my office PC to look at my to-do list. Somehow I just got caught up in the day’s demands, succumbing to the mad current of urgency.

There were ’emergency’ meetings to attend, urgent marketing artwork for evaluation and signing off, projects to be coordinated via email and phone… Before I knew it, the day has ended and I have a slight ache on my left shoulder blade and lower back.

The coolest part of the day was lunch with the best friend. Roovin came by the office to buy some books. Since he was on leave from work for the day, we had time to grab lunch at the nearby mall. Over pizza and ‘pasta negra’ (which stained our lips and teeth black!), we caught up on each other’s lives.

Having been a married guy for a year, Roovin felt it was his duty as best friend to dissect my (non-existent) love life and its little disasters (hoping perhaps to hasten my transfer over to the other side of the civil status fence?) Of course I let him probe, seriously considering what he had to say. Close friends have a way of letting you see different sides to your life story. And it helps that they are not easily derailed by your witty (read: evasive) retorts or lame justifications.

Great. Now I have ‘more pressing’ things to think about and sort out other than work.

P.S. I promised Besp I’d post this pic on my blog 🙂


Wala lang. Taken during one of the dinner meetings with friends from college. The “teleserye” look was my idea; the movie poster was Roovin’s doing. (He must have a lot of free time.) It’s “Ang Pelikulang Walang Bida” because, according to Roovin, none of us looks like a protagonist. Haha! You think so too?


  1. Ah! the very influential “Bestfriend” status bestowed on mere mortals… with that on your sleeve you can practically curse, insult and berate your friend… and he will just stand there and accept it because he will know that it is for his own good 😀

    very well put, hoop. spoken like an expert best friend 🙂 sillyserious


  2. Each time I visit your blogsite, I pause a second or two to make sure I am not lost. You have a new look again?! I wish I had your energy.

    Now, take note — “married life” is overrated. There are blessings on both sides of the fence. And the scale is even steven. My best friend (also my sister), who’s enjoying a free and unfettered life, says so. These are her words.

    a new template is just a click away, ate grace 😉 the fun part starts with the tweaking – which i am yet to do with this template. i will take note of your sister’s even-steven wisdom. 🙂 sillyserious


  3. Ay naku, trabaho talaga ng mga bespren yan. Hehe..Mine has set me up a couple of times already with some guy–unfortunately, the EB’s where..errr….unfortunate. 😛


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