apologies, mr dj

I don’t listen to radio much. But since getting new headsets for my Sony Ericsson cellphone (which salved my iPod Nano cravings, for now), I’ve been tuning in more often. I listen on the MRT commute, while reading a book in a coffee shop, or, like tonight, while doing some house tidying (ahem). I stick to FM stations that have not succumbed to the reformatting fad which spawned the exasperating “Kelangan pa bang imemorize ‘yan” tag lines, not to mention the distasteful double-meaning banter.

I know that radio thrives on interactivity. Jocks invite listeners to text in, call via landline, and, more recently, chat via Yahoo! Messenger. The jock I was listening to wasn’t any different; he repeatedly invited listeners to interact with him and his topic (on dreams and their meanings). I don’t mind hearing jocks talk in between the songs–some are fun to listen to, and some do make sense. But I thought this guy onboard tonight spoke too fast for his own good, stuttering and mispronouncing a lot. I mean, a lot. Right into my ears. In stereo and mega-bass mode.

So, in the spirit of interactive media, I thought I’d give him a heads-up. My computer was online, and YM was up. I dried my hands from doing the dishes, and tapped in a YM message:

u have to slow down a bit, man – the stuttering is getting to be irritating 🙂

(Yep, I put a smiley at the end.) I hoped he would see the message and adjust accordingly. Well, he did see my message. And he read it… aloud! On-air!

If only he’d done a quick (silent) scan of the message, he would have realized it wasn’t for the airwaves. Instead he read it aloud right away, in his perky, modulated voice, almost as soon as I pressed enter! When he realized what he had just done, he immediately (and quite suavely, I must say) segued into the next song. I felt bad for him. So I attempted an apology…

me: “oops – sorry, dude – u didn’t have to read that on air.”
mr dj: “and oops… you had to type that.”

Yikes. I guess I couldn’t blame him for playing ten songs in a row after that. I tried to apologize again, but he seemed to have put me in his “Ignore” list. When he finally got back on-air (speaking a bit slower now, with just a little hint of sarcasm), he said that, “For some reason, I feel like I’m having a bad day.” He stuttered through that line, I’m afraid. Then he greeted “all” his YM chatters. Guess whose YM ID didn’t make the cordial roll call.

Oh well.


  1. Aray ko naman. Ang rude nga. Tsktssskkk!!

    hi riz! salamat sa dalaw 😉 kaya ikaw pag naging dj ka… hehe… 😀 sillyserious


  2. “I was once…” grammatical miss step

    ey hoop – uhm… im feeling there was another comment post that came with this? anyhoo, hope u and the hoop tribe are well 🙂 sillyserious


  3. i would’ve sent him the same IM, aleks — if not more in-your-face. he deserved it mga dj these days sobrang pretentious sa totoo lang. i don’t listen to the radio anymore grrr!

    isa ka talagang katipunera, misha! hehe 😉 magdj ka na kasi. pramis, kinig ako… 🙂 sillyserious


  4. of course! no apologies for the truth and he needs a dose of it, living as he is within the candy-coated unrealities of wannabe-classy and sosyalero people

    buhay si gabriela silang! 😀 *sigh* miss ur rantings, mish 😉 there are very few people whose ranting i find amusing and intelligent 😉 sillyserious


  5. well some DJs can’t accept constructive criticism. tsk tsk. I’ve been listening to a lot of radio too lately, pero usually at night — sa Magic.
    I’m not gonna guess who that DJ was or what station you were tuned in.. but I kind of got a feeling it’s…..
    hehe wag na. :p

    ei norms – haha! take a guess 😉 but i won’t confirm online! ahehe. 🙂 sillyserious


  6. hehe, sabi niya get in touch with him, eh di yan. at least it worked, and he slowed down…

    onga naman 🙂 sillyserious


  7. haha, dude, you needn’t have apologized, they do need to be told when they’re beginning to sound irritating. you were too kind pa nga to try to mollify his feelings. btw, like like like your blog! mind if we trade links? i’ve taken the liberty of adding you to my blogroll.

    hey gibbs! thanks for dropping by and adding me to ur blogroll! i’ve added u to mine too 🙂 it’s not every day that someone uses “mollify” in my blog :p hehe… sillyserious


  8. ooooppppps! you did nothing wrong. i don’t really think you need to apolgise to him. the station should be ashamed for having him talk on air that way.

    hey missP – thanks for dropping by. what can i say, i still like the station — un-cool dj notwithstanding 😉 sillyserious


  9. Hi bro,
    our breed of jocks had long been instinct….hehheh… too bad most of us are not around anymore to bring great entertainment and wit on air…. naks… miss na tuloy ang radyo.
    stick to the IPOD na lang….hehehhe

    i’m positive it would have been a treat to listen to you on the radio! 😉 u should moonlight on-air every now and then. sillyserious


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