this song, my prayer

Better Than I from Joseph: King of Dreams (Dreamworks animation)


2 thoughts on “this song, my prayer”

  1. hehehe naalala ko yung kakantahin mo dapat yan sa gig tapos bigla kang minalat. *toink. next time ulit (tapos nanakawin natin yung soundsystem sa church nung wedding nila ate joan para maganda ang epeks. ;))

    onga! excited pa naman ako kantahin ‘to nun – kahit mejo sablay ibang notes ko. hehe… thanks for introducing me to this song, ivz 🙂 sillyserious

  2. Sayang, I can’t see the animation (dinisable ng IT ang video streaming e) 😦 Hay this song is so re-assuring. 🙂 Amen, amen.

    ivy was the one who introduced me to this song, norms 🙂 glad u like it too sillyserious

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