simpson me

Ever wondered what it’s like to be utterly funny, famous, and…uhm, yellow and two-dimensional? Then step into the world of the Simpsons! 🙂 I did, and in that crazy world of Bart and his ilk, I look a little something like this.


I think I need a haircut and cooler shades. Now it’s your turn – create a Simpsons version of you over at! It’s a hoot!


  1. Seems like you don’t look any different from the “real” world you. You’ve had that kind of haircut before, and the shades is just ok

    thanks, bro! u’ve seen in my in all my hair transformations, it seems. hehe… 🙂 sillyserious


  2. aleks! visited omf lit pero hindi na kita na-txt, sandali lang kami. just enough time to buy some on-sale children’s books (tig-20 lang! woohoo!) 🙂 nice to see the bookshop’s doing great!

    misha! thanks for dropping by at the bookshop. sana nagparamdam ka man lang sana! it’s always a riot to see u 🙂 sillyserious


  3. What an uncanny resemblance! Hehe…I love to Simpsons, will check this out. Thanks! 🙂

    haha! what can i say, i have cartoony features :p can’t wait to see how ur simpsons version turns out! post mo ha! sillyserious


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