the day the rain came

If you sniffed hard enough in a crowded place today (say, the MRT), chances are good you’d get a whiff of… moth balls! And it shouldn’t be a surprise. The naphthalene scent is from the jackets, sweaters, and other cold-season wear that have been stowed away in closets far too long this year.

After a tortuously overstaying summer, the rainy season has finally arrived. The showers prior to the recent downpour were apparently a result of cloud-seeding, a multi-million rainmaking effort of government to keep hydroelectric power plants functioning. Or so I overheard on the jeepney ride.

It’s interesting that even our seasons this side of the tropics are inflicted with Filipino time—coming belatedly, but not without drama or incident.


I thought I had lost forever the post above, written sometime last week when typhoon Chedeng paid us a visit. One of the housemates was tinkering with the phone line just when I was about to upload. I clicked Publish, and then nada! Then tonight, I saw the post saved as a draft. Thank you, WordPress, for remembering my words 🙂


  1. Hooray for the rain! I get to test-drive a cool pair of Bass boots I bought from ukay-ukay in Baguio some time back! Hehe…babaw no? Sige lang gud..;)

    ok, so what are Bass boots? hehe… im guessing that where ure going there’ll be a lot of opportunities to wear ur Bass boots and all sorts of boots! happy trip, gypsy! and give us a taste of london by blogging about it, will ya? 😉 sillyserious


  2. eherms! tag-balay..Bords ari ka di? Ton-ton? benjo? hehe ang corny ko hehe

    Sooo this is the naphthalene entry you guys were talking about hehehe oh well…the rain makes me feel melancholic these days so you know but yeah, on the up-side I get to wear my so-called winter clothes..huwwaaattt???? winter clothes???? hahaha

    ari ko di, bords! 🙂 musta, haw?! the sun came out today so i guess u have to hold off on those ‘winter’ clothes… until the next serial typhoon episode! 🙂 sillyserious


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