blind inspiration

Happiness is blinds.

No typo there, dear spelling/grammar police. You read that one right. Maybe you’d get what I mean if you’re a domestically inept dude (read: lazy guy), and you’ve tried and succeeded at installing blinds on your bedroom windows!

Which I did. Just about 10 minutes ago. Finally, after five years of existing before naked windows – and forever demoting “Must put up blinds” to the bottom of my mental to-do list, I have blinds!

I don’t expect you to understand my joy. It is personal. Aha! Now you’re thinking of me the same way you thought of that guy in front of you in the jeepney, who was staring into space, wearing a silly grin on his face. (Hey, maybe he too just put up mint-green blinds in his room?)

I don’t mind if you think I’m strange. Or if I think you think I’m strange. Right now, all I know is that no horizontal bars of plastic have made me feel this warm and nice inside than my newly installed blindssss… Ahhh…

I was just thinking – if you’ve been putting off something simple or ‘inconsequential’ that’s been nagging at you forever, like organizing your books alphabetically, arranging your payslips chronologically since you started working, putting up your own blog instead of just blog-hopping, or… whatever that thing is, maybe you should just get on with it! And feel the rush of simple, blind happiness! And it is best done at the end of a stressful day when all you want to do is sleep.

But don’t count on eternal happiness. Bliss of this sort goes away as fast as it arrives. I texted a friend to share my blinds bliss. And she replied:

Hapi 4 u too 😉 now u wil just have 2 wori abt dust n stuf lyk det 🙂 so u buy venetian blinds cleaner next.”

Oh. I see.

Mental note: “Must buy venetian blinds cleaner.”


  1. Ack! this reminds me… I have to clean the venetian blinds in my bedroom. Haven’t done that in months!

    how about a deal, snglguy – ill remind u if ull remind me 😛 sillyserious


  2. Bords I can totally relate. I mean I did the same thing last year back home in the province. My parents don’t know how to do it (too complicated for them I guess) so I did the task. It was an ordeal mind you that’s why I felt “happy” when I was able to finish the deed.

    You know that feeling after you finish washing all your dirty clothes and looking at an empty hamper? It’s freeing…bliss!

    and there i was thinking i was strange 🙂 glad to know u are a ‘kindred spirit’, verns… sillyserious


  3. Nyehehe…this reminds me of a pair of truck mudguards in Davao: On the left it says, “Love is Blind” on the right is says “Ang Gugma Bungol.” WAHAHAHA!!! 🙂

    HAHAHA! 😀 mingaw hinuon kog davao… sillyserious


  4. We used to have blinds and they’re hell to clean. I’d prefer those walis-tingting type vertical drapes. Much easier to clean altho not as opaque and less light control.


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