airport blogging

coming to u fr d bangkok airport! pls xcuse d txt spelng – m bloggng fr my pda phone. q’ing at imigratn now. it’s taking so long i hav tym to catch a free wifi sgnal, send email to famly, n blog! d new bkk airport s byutiful ü f only for d free wifi now, i lov bkk alrdy! but of cors ders much mor to xplor. mor wen im on my computr. lalai, my host jst txtd – she’s outside waiting ü hapi wknd y’al!


  1. Sawadi Kha! I hope you will truly enjoy your time there and get to visit the floating market! So there’s free wifi in the airport? Thats good to know! 🙂


  2. Gld u mde it ther sfely. Dnt 4gt 2 try d new dishes in thlnd. evn d fud peddld n sidewlks r gud! f u c a ldyboy,papictyur ka–esp kung ka-hght mo!haha.wla lng,aliw lng cguro yun.:)


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